The Exhibition Oboronexpo 2014 includes an exhibition program and extensive demonstration of full-sized arms and military vehicles.

    The main thematic sections of Oboronexpo 2014 are:

    • Missile and artillery systems and complexes. Small arms and close combat weapons. Special-purpose arms. Air Force and Navy armaments. Air defense armament and facilities. Space-rocket hardware. High-precision weapons.
    • Ammunition of all types and forces.
    • Armored vehicles and weapons.
    • Combat direction and communication systems. Radio electronic warfare means. Information security. Logistic support of military hardware and armament life cycle.
    • Reconnaissance, surveillance and aiming systems. Unmanned aircraft and complexes. Robots and robotics.
    • Training simulators and on-range equipment. Training devices and automated training systems.
    • Innovative materials and technologies in the defense industry.
    • Electronics. Radio electronic technologies. Tool engineering.
    • Engine building in the military-industrial complex.
    • Communication technologies, optical systems and complexes.
    • Research institutions. Higher educational establishments.
    • Outfits and uniforms of servicemen.
    • Logistics and procurement of forces. Support of military personnel.


    The following forms of participation in the Forum are possible as well:

             Participation in the business program.

             Participation as a sponsor/partner.

             Participation as an information partner.

             Remote participation.


    Registration fee for all forms of participation in the Forum is EURO 350 (net of VAT 18%).