Guidelines for Forum Participants

    The Order Management System is intended for automation and management of your orders in framework of participation in Forum. The functional and possibilities of your Personal Account may vary depending on the time left till the beginning of Forum. For successful work, first of all, please become familiar withTerms and Conditions of Participation in Exhibitions held at Russia TECand the presentGuidelines. In line with the functional change, changes in the Guidelines may also appear. The Organizer reserves the right to notify the Participants of the most important changes by e-mail.

    1. What for do you need the Personal Account?

    1.1. The Personal Account is intended for order of exhibition services including registration fees, exhibition space, badges and passes and technical services, for filling-in personal data on badges and passes and for work with accounting documents. The Personal Account is created after confirmation of your registration at www.forumtvm.ru

    1.2. The following functions and data essential for your successful work in framework of Forum can be presented in your Personal Account depending on your participation type:

    • form, store and access to your contract /non-type contract with AVIASALON JSC;
    • send, coordinate, store and access to service orders;
    • form, store and access to additional agreements to the contract;
    • form, store and access to other accounting and auxiliary documents in framework of your participation in Forum;
    • accreditation for participation (for participants under the Press category);
    • access to the badges / passes management subsystem;
    • access to the match-making subsystem;


    2. How to work in the Personal Account

    2.1.For participation in Forum 2013 you should first submit a preliminary application for participation (or, in other words, to register yourself in the System through www.forumtvm.ru). For this purpose, you should go to theApplication to Exhibitpage and fill in an application form that includes information about your company, the contact person, and exhibition profile. This application will be sent to the customer manager in an electronic format (using the web site interface) as well as in a paper form. Please print out, sign and stamp the application form and send by fax +7 (495) 787 6654, or in a scanned form at e-mail addressexpofor@forumtvm.ru. This application will be a basis for registration.

    2.2.When the customer manager receives your application, he will take a decision to approve your registration or to reject it. In case of approval youll get the e-mail message with log-in and password sent automatically to the e-mail address indicated in the application form.

    2.3. You will get access to the Order Management System. First thing you will have to do is tofillin, save and send your company's essential elements and bank details with the purpose of forming the contract and future additional agreements to it. You can do it using the section Payment Details.

    The customer manager will check and approve this form.

    2.4. Now you have a possibility to order services (to submit service applications). The first applications you have to submit (using the link Add a new application) will be Space application and Registration fee application. You can create these applications according to your current needs. You determine the number of registration fees by yourself depending on whether you have co-exhibitors (and pay registration fees for them) or you are a co-exhibitor yourself (and the principal exhibitor pays for you).

    2.5.You can browse the contract and the list of all your applications and their statusin the Personal Account section Your applications, agreements and payments. In this section you may also download agreements (column 2) and invoices associated with your applications and create application payment notifications.

    For every additional agreement youll see a separate invoice. Please download the contract and the additional agreement, print out, sign and stamp and send these papers (scanned) to the customer manager BEFORE PAYMENT.

    2.6.You may create an additional account in order to use the Systemin the name of your company by using the section Account management. All the users have the same rights.

    2.7. Depending on the time remaining till the start of Forum, and according toTerms and Conditions, you will have an opportunity to order other services, submit information for the catalogue, fill-in personal data for badges, carry out pass management, and print out certificates of acceptance, etc.